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What is Vastu?


We believes that Vastu Shastra is nothing but a science of energy balance surrounding you. PyraVastu explores new, scientific methods of energy balance to achieve optimum health, prosperity and success. These concepts include time-tested techniques like Mystic Pyramid, Fengshui, Vastu, Metal Power, Chinese Acupressure and Universal Magnetic Force etc. Precise combination of these techniques induce energy, revitalize your body and gives peak performance.

Vastushastra is the science that synchronizes a balance between human life & nature. Nature consists of five elements. These are water, fire, earth, Air (atmosphere) and Sky (space). The five basic elements, the eight directions, the electromagnetic & gravitational forces of the earth, the cosmic energy emanating from the planets as well as the atmosphere and their influence on human life have all been taken into consideration in the Vastushastra and a tuneful confluence of the nature & the human life has been brought about.
There are many Vastu defects like another entrance door opposite to our entrance, existence of the lift, the staircase, hospital, temple, opposite to entrance door are the part & parcel of living system. Actually we are bearing with atleast 15-20 Vastu defects as the integral part of our housing system without which we cannot live a normal life.

Any kind of structure, which we are using, is called as Vastu. It may be home, office, factory, temple, hospital, workshop, farmhouse etc….. Vastu Shastra was written or developed for, to generate and to get positive energy within your Vastu. Vastu Purush (Male person) imaginary generated considering Vastu energy, its flow direction and to point out exact locations of power / energy points within Vastu. Vastu Purush helps us to locate exact location of concern energy points within each & every Vastu & with the help of those points we can avoid to create any formation of negative energy within that Vastu. His position within Vastu is fixed. He is laying towards North - East to South - West direction by facing down by keeping head towards North - East corner & legs towards South - West corner.

As our life always dependent on following things:

1. Sun energy : Source of Solar energy.
2. Air : Atmosphere, respiration, different gases.
3. Sky : Source of Cosmic energy.
4. Earth : Rotation, Direction, Gravitational force, to hold our self, balance.
5. Water : Flow of blood, circulation, reflection & refraction of the energy

Using pyramids for Vastu corrections means no demolition or physical alterations to the existing structure. This method was imparted by doing extensive research on pyramids and methods of Vastu correction without destruction of the existing structure. The PyraVastu with the aims at spreading the use of Vastu Shastra in general public for good health, prosperity and life without stress. Our belief is that this science should reach each and every person in the world.


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Pyramid Vastu, Vastu Pyramid, Vastu Dosh Remedies Pyramids for Vastu, Health Pyramids, Vastu Pyramids, Personal Pyramids, Fortune Pyramids, Pyramids for Business, Business Pyramids, Vastu Dosh nivaran Pyramids, Pyramids for Home, Pyramids for Office, Pyramids for Shop, vastu Dosh

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